Généalogie des Dolman (ou Dowman) de Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage et vérité)

Abul-Kasim Muhammad be Abbad AL-MU'TAMIDÂge : 50 ans10451095

Abul-Kasim Muhammad be Abbad AL-MU'TAMID
Naissance 1045

Bataille de Hastings 14 octobre 1066 (Âge 21 ans)

Note : Bataille d'Hastings
Naissance d’une fille
Zaida de SÉVILLE
1075 (Âge 30 ans)

Décès 1095 (Âge 50 ans)
1 UPDA 2 DATE 1068 2 Acceded:
al-Mu'tamid was a great and tragic figure. He was an excellent poet of love and a good statesman whom destiny had chosen to taste both the gaiety and bitterness and of life. He is famous for his love poetry to his wife, a former slave girl whom he showered with love and precious gifts.
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